Guess the Logos answers and cheats for every level of the game! Are you on the hunt for a new and challenging mobile trivia game? Well MigoApps, LLC has the best game for you! Guess the Logo is free and available for all iOS devices including iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch. Having some trouble with a level, don’t worry because we’ve got all your Guess the Logos answers and cheats covered.

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Guess the Logos is the hottest trending mobile trivia game out right now. In Guess the Logo, you will need to recall some of the most famous company icons and logos. Think you can handle it? If so, you’ll need to be in the know for everything from airlines to car companies to fast food chains.
When you begin a level, you’ll be given a picture of a logo and a letter bank. You will then need to put that letter bank to use by correctly answering the company’s name. For every correct answer you supply, you will be awarded coins. Those coins can later be put to use on hints for when you are stuck. For instance, you can remove a letter letter from the word bank or you can reveal one from the correct answer. If you run out of coins, you will also be able to purchase more. But who wants to waste their hard-earned money on coins when you can find all your Guess the Logos answers right here.

If you have completely obliterated every other mobile trivia game, then this is the one for you. Guess the Logo is absolutely loaded with over twenty different level packs of challenging company logos and icons. In order to pass this game you’re going to need to recognize companies other than McDonalds and Twitter as this game is chalk full of companies you probably haven’t even heard of. Whether it’s a Fortune 500 or up and coming company, they are all here. But don’t worry friend, we have all of your Guess the Logos answers and cheats to get you through every level of the game.